Jonathan Richmond, PhD
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National Consultations
Assisted the following universities improve their biosafety programs:  University of Rochester, University of Pennsylvania and Texas Tech University, Lubbock, and … ·        

  • Tulane University (TNPRC): Conducted a biosafety program review & provided on-site biosafety management support (2015)
  • Boston University (NEIDL):- Conducted a biosafety program review (2015)
  • Georgia State University, Conducted a biosafety design review for the new BSL- 4 containment laboratory (2010)      
  • University of Texas, El Paso - Conducted a Biosafety/Biosecurity Review of a new BSL-3/ABSL-3 Facility (2009)
  • Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH - Conducted a BSL-3 Review (2008)
  • Duke University Medical School, Biocontainment, Curriculum Development Team (2004)
  • University of Texas, Brownsville, High Containment Concept (2003)
  • Moorehouse School of Medicine, Biosafety Committee member (1997-2002)
  • Boston University, Participated in a National Academy of Science, Review of the New NIH Biocontainment Facility (NEIDL) (2008)
  • University of Georgia, Environmental Health and Safety Program evaluation (1996-1999)
  • Georgia State University, BSL-4 Program review (1998)       
  • Emory University Biosafety Committee (1996-97) 
State Public Health Laboratories:
  • Assisted Massachusetts, Washington State. Iowa, North Carolina, Virginia, and New York City Public Health Laboratories improve their biocontainment facilities. (2004-2011)  
  • Participated in a Safety Audit for the Proposed BSL-3 Laboratory, Washington State PHL, Seattle, August, September, October & November 2008.  
  • Participated in an Autopsy Containment Suite Review of the new Richmond, VA facility, May 2008.  
  • Presented Select Agent Training during the 4rd Annual Alabama Laboratory Conference, at the Bureau of Clinical Laboratories, Alabama Department of Public Health (2009)

Provided Biosafety assessments & training at:
  • New York, Wadsworth Center (2003)
  • Washington State, Receiving Laboratory (2003)
  • Arkansas, BSL-3 (2003)
  • Iowa, TB & Containment Laboratory (2002, 2003)
  • Connecticut, bioterrorism (2002)
  • Hawaii, BSL-3 Laboratory Evaluation (1998, 2000)
  • Alaska, Tb Laboratory Evaluation Team (1995)

  • Participated in the Defense Science Board’s Task Force on: Department of Defense Biological Safety and Security Program. (2009)  
  • Coordinated the BSL-4 session during Advanced Topics in Managing BSL-3 Laboratories, CDC. Atlanta (2009)
  • Participated in CDC’s Review of the Division of Select Agents and Toxins Program. (2009)
  • US Army, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, High Containment Review (2003-4)
  • CDC, Train-the-Trainer Course (biosafety) (2003) Interagency Taskforce, Biosecurity Subcommittee (2002)
  • US Department of Agriculture, Expert Advisory Committee on Large Animal Biocontainment (2002)
  • US Department of Agriculture, Plum Island Animal Disease Center & National Animal Disease Center (2002), Biosafety Review
  • Department of Defense, Biosafety Review, High Containment Laboratories, former Soviet Union (1999-2000)
  • US Army, Dugway Proving Grounds, Safety Committee member (1996-1999)
  • Beltsville Area Research Center, Agricultural Research Center, Safety Program Review (1993)
  • US Veteran’s Administration, Biological Safety Committee member (1988-1990)  

  • National Air and Space Administration, Mars Sample Return concept receiving laboratory design planning (1998-2004) and JPL, Mars Sample Laboratory Design review (2003-4)
  • American Public Health Association, Biosafety Instructor (1997-2000)
  • Eagleson Institute, Sanford, ME, biocontainment instructor, Peru (2003)
  • Assisted St. Jude’s Flu Research program achieve ABSL-3 approval from USDA, APHIS. (2007)  
  • Participated in BSL-3 Design Reviews for the Ordway Research Institute, Albany, NY, 2009 & Assisted Ordway Science Center achieve CDC approval for its new BSL-3/ABSL-3 Select Agent Facility (2010)  

Served on several National Academy of Science committees (2004-2011):
  • Risk Assessment for Ft. Detrick’s new containment Medical Countermeasures Test and Evaluation Facility,
  • Risk Assessment evaluation of NIH’s Boston BSL-4 facility (NEIDL),
  • Evaluation of Homeland Security’s National Bio-and Agro Defense Facility,
  • Risk Assessment of the New USAMRIID Containment Facility
  • Institute of Laboratory Animal Science, Institute of Medicine (1997)
  • National Academy of Sciences, Mars Safety Committee (2001-2002)

Conducted Biosafety assessments for:
  • AMGEN, CA (2007)
  • ACAMBIS Biotechnologies, MA (2003 & 2008)
  • Charles Stark Draper Laboratories, (2003)
  • McCarthy Design, (2003)
  • Smith Carter, (2003) Perkins & Will, Singapore (2003)
  • Jacobs Engineering, March 2008.
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