Jonathan Richmond, PhD
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Opportunities to Hear Jonathan Richmond Speak
Biosafety and Animal Biosafety:  
Objectives –
  • Understand the principles and practices of biological safety (Half-day introductory course for laboratorians or animal care personnel.)
  • Understand the architectural and engineering ins and outs of lab design (Half-day introduction to containment lab issues.)    
Biosecurity and Bioterrorism:  
Objectives –
  • Understand risk assessment and risk management concepts (4 hour program.)
  • Impact of the Select Agent Rule on laboratory biosecurity (4 hour program.)    

HIV/AIDS/STDs … focused to secondary school and university students:  
Objectives – 
  • Hear a frank, factual public health message regarding these diseases (1 hour program.)
  • Participate in a focused discussion for women (1 hour program.)    

Process Communication:  
Objectives –  
  • Hear an introduction to the elements of Process Communication, the work of psychologist Taibi Kahler – “Its not what you say, its how you say it”. (1 hour overview.)  
  • Participate in important skill-building exercises for teachers and students alike. (Typically offered as a 2 or 3 day interactive class taught by 2 outstanding instructors.)
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