Jonathan Richmond, PhD
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International Consultations
Rwanda/Uganda – Through CDC, made four visits to assist Ministry of Health national HIV and Tb laboratories improve facilities, operations, biosafety and biosecurity (2010-2011)

Ghana – presented several sessions at the 2nd African Biosafety Association (AfBSA) meetings (2011)

Nigeria – participated in an ASM-CDC sponsored biosafety symposium as one of two instructors in this week-long program (2011)

Singapore – presented two-day BSL-3 Workshop (2009)  

China: Beijing - Participated in Principles of Biosafety and Biosecurity: A Train-the-Trainer Seminar (2009)  

Singapore - Presented Biosafety Levels seminar during an Architectural Design Symposium at the National University of Singapore (2009)

- Biopolis; Avian Flu Laboratory biosafety review, Shantou University (2008)

Japan: Tokyo – participated in Japanese BSL-3 Symposium (2008)

France: Paris - presented “Protecting Employees: Exposure Risk Assessment and Health surveillance”, ISPE Conference (2008)

China: Beijing - Masterclass on International Biosafety Facilities, sponsored by China-US Collaborative Program on emerging and Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases (2007)

Japan – presented “Current Situation of BSL-4 Facilities in the World” at a Japanese International Symposium (2007)

Egypt: Cairo - conducted biosafety training, “Biopyramids” (2006 & 2008)

Brazil – conducted week-long biosafety training for laboratorians and facilities engineers from 21 newly-established BSL-3 laboratories (2006)

Brazil – Seminário International de Biosseguranҫa em Saúde (2005)

Former Soviet Union – 3rd Moscow International Congress on Biotechnology: “Biosecurity – A Consequence of Uncertainty” (2005)

World Health Organization, Biosafety Programme –Served as biosafety advisor for three months in Geneva, Switzerland (2004)

China: Beijing -- Investigated SARS laboratory-acquired infections at China CDC (2004)

Brazil – Invited to present at Brazilian Virology Conference (2004) Singapore Ministry of Health: Design review team for patient containment facilities for new infectious disease hospital (2003)

Brazil – Associaҫão Nacional de Biosseguranҫa, “For his contribution to the development of Biosafety in Brazil” (2003)

Biosafety Advisory Group, World Health Organization, member (1990-2002)

India - Biosafety Review of Seven Laboratories for the Indian Council of Medical Research: Evaluated needs for BSL-3 facilities at the National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases (NICED) in Koltata, National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) in New Delhi, National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Pune, Microbial Containment Complex/ Enterovirus Research Center in Mumbai, Tuberculosis Research Centre in Chennai, and the Institute for Research in Reproduction (2001)

Uganda Virus Research Institute, Entebbe - Review lab design, operation for BSL-3 up-grade for HIV/Tb activities (1997, 2000)

Franceville: Gabon - Center International de Researches Medicales, Review BSL-4 laboratory operations (1999) 

Russia: Koltsovo, Novosibirsk Region - State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology (“Vector”), Evaluation of facilities and programs to provide necessary biosafety in research work with highly dangerous pathogens at BSL-4 (1999) 

India -  Emerging and Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases and Disease Surveillance (ERIDDS) Activities in New Delhi, Pune, Chennai and Calcutta, Evaluate laboratory needs for research conducted at each of these Institutes for the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) (1999)

Kenya: Kisumu
- HIV Laboratory, Reviewed design, construction and certification of a tissue culture laboratory to support HIV/AIDS research project (1998)  France: Lyon - Maximum Containment Commissioning Team,  (1998)

Côte d’Iviore: Abidjan - Tb Laboratory, Pulmonary Diagnostic Institute, Evaluate existing facility and propose new laboratory design (1998) 

- Obolensk, Serpukhov District, State Research Center for Applied Microbiology (SCRAM), Moscow Region - Evaluation of laboratory and animal facilities for work with especially dangerous pathogens (BSL-3), International Science and Technology Center (1998)

Bangladesh: Dhaka
- International Center for Diarrheal Disease Research, Biosafety review, training, containment certification (1996,1997)

India: New Delhi
- National Institute of Biologics, Biosafety training, new facility review (1997)

Japan: Tokyo
- National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Biosafety program and facility review (1997)

Canada: Winnipeg
- National Laboratories for Human and Animal Health, Biosafety facility and program review, Tier 2 Commissioning phase (1997)

- Review of Brazilian System of National Public Health Laboratory Network: Conducted laboratory assessments of seven institutes throughout Brazil for the Ministry of Health (1997)

Kenya: Nairobi - Arbovirus Laboratory, KEMRI, Proposed details for renovation of laboratory to meet BSL-3 standards (1997)

Thailand: Bangkok
- HIV/AIDS Program, Biosafety review, training, containment certification (1997)

Africa: Côte d’Ivoire, Abidjan - Project RETRO-CI,: Design and certification of BSL-3 laboratories for work with M. tuberculosis and HIV (1994-96)

Canada: Toronto - Viral Diagnostic Laboratory,: Review and public discussion of safety matters associated with a BSL-4 laboratory (glove box line) for work with exotic human pathogens (1995)

India: Bulandshar, Uttar Pradesh
- Plasma-derived Hepatitis B Vaccine Project,: Conduct biosafety evaluation of a new HBV vaccine production facility, an Indo-U.S. vaccine action program (1994)

Puerto Rico: San Juan - Laboratory Design Project, Consult on the design of a BSL-3 laboratory for work with M. tuberculosis (1993)
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